Project aims

The overall aims of the Real Time Carbon project are to:

  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Enable more accurate carbon accounting for businesses
  • Promote smart-grids with smart demand
  • Encourage debate on energy and climate change policy

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Real-time carbon matters

Until now, anyone trying to understand the carbon impact of the electricity they use has only had a single static Government conversion factor. The factor - currently 527 grams CO2 per kWh of electricity - is updated only a few times a year.

The standard figure is based on a number of assumptions about the mix of energy used to generate electricity - the "generation mix". It tells consumers nothing about the carbon intensity of electricity at a given time.

Real Time Carbon wants to help energy users see the real-time carbon intensity of electricity so they can avoid consuming at times of high emissions. We look forward to a time when appliances, buildings and factories automatically manage demand according to the carbon being released.

The project shows the important role web technologies can play to help people measure and reduce their carbon footprint.

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